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How To do wordpress maintenance Even If even if you are not an expert

As a business owner with plans to use the internet to grow your reach and potentially your business, you know how important your website is for the of this reason. So you spend a precious amount of your time to build a website or you pay someone else a considerable amount of money to get it done for you and what? Work on your site is complete?
No. Your website is not just “done” when you launch. You need an ongoing strategy to keep it functioning just like you need to take care of your car. The car needs periodic oil changes, tires checked etc and so is your website has its own need of a set of on going maintenance if you want to to perform well. Read Full

List Building 101: The Easiest Way To Get 2000 Email Signups

Do you ever ask yourself why your list building efforts never bring you any real results?

If you are looking to have a successful online business and you are not engaging in list building then I am sorry to tell you that you are doing yourself and your business a lot of harm. Read Full

3 Ways your websites speed is killing your business

website speed

website speedThere’s an everyday competition in the internet world due to the emergence of millions of web sites. We all will agree that the best contents and professional web design functions tend to drive visitors to webpages but it must be critically noted that page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience which cannot be ignored.
Website visitors are like hungry beasts who want the perfect contents that relate to their need. Unfortunately however, they tend to care more about speed than the world class content because the loading time makes them stay glued and happy.
Below are 3 reasons why you should consider working on them as soon as possible; Read Full

What You Can Expect from A Digital Marketing Agency

In its essence, digital marketing agency harnesses the power of Internet to increase company exposure, improve awareness, and maintain efficient marketing practices online. The job involves myriads of different things including but not limited to website design and maintenance as well as social media campaign; each is comprised of many little details, which complement each other, to create a coherent marketing efforts in accordance to company culture. Read Full